Reminiscence Side Tiara Tutorial Part 4

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Free tiara making tutorial

Assembling The Tiara

Following on from my latest post this is the final part of the Reminiscence Side Tiara Instructions.  Please refer to the previous posts before putting the tiara together.  You should have all the materials ready and have already made the following parts:

1.  Three small flowers and one larger flower  following the instructions in part one.

2. Two beaded sprays following the instructions in part two.

3. Four beaded vines following the instructions in part three.

4. Begin by holding your first beaded spray in the center of the headband and wrap the untwisted wire ends around the band, securing it into place. Trim the excess wire with pliers on the outside of the band and smooth down any sharp pieces of wire with your flat nose pliers


5. Take one of your beaded vines and attach this to your band in the same way, so that it overlaps the beaded spray.

6. Next, cut a length of wire, about 20cm long. Thread the wire through two of the holes in your diamante flower.

7. Hold the diamante flower on to the band directly next to the beaded vine and use the wires to wrap around the band, securing one side of the flower. Trim off any excess wire with pliers.

8. With another piece of wire secure the other side of the diamante flower as before.

9. Take another of your beaded vines and attach this as in stage 4 above, directly after the diamante flat back. Trim and smooth the wire ends.

10. Next, attach one of your small beaded flowers. To do this lie the twisted prong along the band, following the line of the band. Using the untwisted wire, wrap around the length of the prong to hold the flower securely into place. Trim off any excess wire and flatten any sharp edges with pliers.

close up of tiara

11. Continue to use the same techniques to attach- the large beaded flower, followed by 2 beaded vines, the remaining small beaded flowers and a final beaded spray. Taking time to arrange them so you are happy with the positioning, I packed these final parts quite tightly together to make the side of the headband really full.


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