Reminiscence Side Tiara Tutorial Part 3

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Side tiara instructions

The final pieces we need to make up before we can assemble our Reminiscence Tiara are the little beaded vines.  To construct a side tiara like the one in the picture, you’ll need 4 of these little beaded vines.


1. Cut a piece of wire about 30cm long.

2. Slide 1 large round crystal, 1 diamante rondelle and about 9 seed beads, onto the middle of the wire. Curve the beaded part of the wire to create a loop and twist the wire a couple of times directly below the beads to secure. Keep twisting the wires several more times until you have about 1cm of twisted wire below your beaded loop.

3. Divide the 2 wire ends and slide another set of beads onto one side as before. Curve the wire to create a new loop. Twist the wire a couple of times to secure then continue twisting for about 1/2cm as before.

4. Repeat stage 3 another 3 times using alternate sides of the wire, until you have a vine with 5 beaded loops.

If you’ve followed the previous posts you should now have made; three small flowers and one larger flower following the instructions in part one, two beaded sprays using the tutorial in part two and four beaded vines as per the project above.  The final stage is to assemble the tiara.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me through the blog, facebook or website.


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