Reminiscence Side Tiara Tutorial Part 2

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In part one we made the beaded flowers ready to be added to the headband.  Today I’ll explain how I make the beaded sprays.

These crystal beaded sprays are easy to make.  For this project we’ll wire them onto the headband at the final stage.  However they would be useful in other projects too, for example, used as card toppers on wedding invites, wired on to some silver hairpins, used as crystal bouquet stems or included in wedding cake decorations.


1. Cut a piece of wire about 40cm long.

2. Slide 4 seed beads, 1 crystal and another 4 seed beads on to the middle of the wire. Curve the beaded part of the wire to create a loop and twist the wire a couple of times directly below the beads to secure. Keep twisting the wires several more times until you have 3-4cm of twisted wire below your beaded loop.

3. Divide the 2 wire ends and slide another set of beads on to one side as before. Push up the beads to create a new loop just a little bit shorter that the first one. Twist the wires as shown in the picture.

4. Repeat stage 3 to create a third and final loop.

Tip: Be careful not to over twist the wire as this could could cause it to break.


For the Reminiscence side tiara you’ll need 2 of these sprays.


The next stage is to make the beaded vines then you’ll be ready to to put the tiara together.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me through the blog, facebook or website.

If you’ve not already seen stage one of the tutorial you can find it here!


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