Reminiscence Side Tiara Tutorial Part 1

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Free tutorial, how to make a side tiara

I’m delighted to bring you this first in a new series of instructions for the stunning crystal and diamante side tiara above. If you prefer you could adapt the design to be mounted on a metal comb or forgo the base altogether and use the parts to make up as a hair vine using ideas from our hair vine tutorial.

A began my wirework journey over 17 years ago when I made my first headdress to wear at my own wedding.  I’ve discovered many different craft techniques over the years but am still regularly drawn back to wirework.  All you need to get going is a few simple techniques and some beautiful carefully chosen components…

A metal headband
Silver lined seed beads
20 8mm round crystal beads
50 6mm crystal beads
A large diamante flat backed flower
0.4mm wire

Free headdress tutorial tiara making supplies offer


Side cutting pliers to cut the wire
Flat or chain nose pliers for flattening and smoothing the cut ends


In this first part we will make 3 small beaded flowers and one larger beaded flower using seed beads for the petals and a crystal for the center.


1. Cut a piece of wire about 40cm long.

2. Slide 10 – 12 seed beads on to the middle of the wire. Curve the beaded part of the wire to create a loop and twist the wire a couple of times directly below the beads to secure.

3. Divide the 2 wire ends and slide about 20 seed beads on to one side. Curve the beaded part of the wire to create a larger loop and twist a couple of times to secure.

4. For a large petal, repeat stage 3 with more seed beads to create extra layers.

5. To assemble the flower take 5 petals and separate the wire ends. Hold as shown in the picture. Twist the wires together a few times to secure the petals at the base.

6. Continue twisting until the twisted part is about 3cm long and cut the twisted part with pliers at about 2.5 cm long.

7. To add the central crystal, slide the crystal into the middle of a 30cm long piece of wire and twist the 2 wires together just a couple of times to secure. Place the crystal in the centre of the flower and wrap the wire around the base of the flower a couple of times.

Tip: Don’t cut these wires yet, you’ll use them to attach the flowers to your headband.

The next stage is to make the beaded sprays and vines ready to to put the tiara together.  
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