Make A Birdcage Veil

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(model also wears cascade earring available as a kit with instructions from the Tiara Making website)

Birdcage veils are so pretty and its easy to make one for a fraction of the cost of buying in bridal shops.  The added benefit of making your own veil is you can experiment with different shapes before committing the final few stitches so you can be sure your veil sits exactly as you want.

All you need is:
Veil fabric
Your choice of hair accessory base
Needle and thread

1. Take a length of veiling about 85cm to 1m long and cut off the corners.


2. Thread a needle and bring both thread ends together with a knot at the end and then feed the needle through a hole in the fabric. Feed the needle back through the loop in the thread to secure the first stitch.

veil sewing

3. Weave the needle through the holes in the fabric along the 3 short sides.

4. Pull the thread to gather the fabric to your taste, when you are happy with the look secure the gather with a few stitches.

5. Sew the gathered edge to a headband or comb (this is easier if you first wrap the comb or headband with ribbon) or a fascinator base.

6.  Veils can be left plain or finished with your choice of embellishments.  Try one of our brooches or beaded applique for quick and easy vintage style sparkle.

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