How to make beaded sprays

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Cut a piece of wire about 30cm long and slide a bead to the middle of the wire.


Bend the wire around the bead and pinch the 2 wires together below the bead, twist the bead once or twice to secure. Continue to twist the 2 wires together several more times until you have the required amount of twisted wire below your bead.


Divide the wire ends and slide a bead on to one side. Push the bead up to just below the first bead and twist the wires together as shown in the picture


Repeat on the other side.

To attach to the headband, sit the twisted stem on to the headband with one wire at the front and one at the back. One at a time wrap the untwisted parts of the wire strands around the headband 3 or four times. Trim off the excess wire on the outside of the band and flatten any sharp pieces of wire with pliers.


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