Create a Colourful Arm Party With Our New Crystal Beads

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New Crystal Beads  This week we’ve had lots of new arrivals at BDi, including new shades of our popular 4mm crystal bicone beads. The new colours include aquamarine, turquoise, purple/AB, fire opal and soft amber, all perfect for adding a splash of colour to your outfit ready for the Spring. We’ve used the new beads along with our diamante flower clasps to create some lovely little bracelets. These are really versatile and can be worn in a number of ways; stack four or five on one wrist to create a colourful arm party, attach two together to make a double stranded bracelet, or make a longer length by attaching three bracelets together for a chic necklace! If you’d like to make one of these gorgeous beaded bracelets, just follow the steps below…

silver bracelet tutoial

These bracelets are super easy to make:

Take a 9” length of tiger tail beading wire.  Slide on a crimp bead followed by one end of your diamante clasp.  Feed the end of the wire back through the crimp bead and squash with flat nose pliers to secure.

Thread on about 46 4mm crystal bicones (adjust according to your wrist size)

Add the other end of your diamante clasp secured with a crimp bead as before.

Tip:  Open the clasp by squeezing the lever at the side of the diamante flower so that the end of the clasp slides out.

Ideas:  Try linking 3 or more bracelets together to make interchangeable necklaces

Wear several of these bracelets together for a modern layered effect.

Getting startedsquashed crimp bracelet ends

Take a look over on the BDi website for the full range of bicone colours, or follow the product links below to go straight to your favourite shade. All of our 4mm crystal bicones are on a special offer of £1.75 (usually £2.99) for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of the discount whilst you can!

Top row L-R:  purple/AB || light red || soft amber || aquamarine.
Second row L-R: emerald || metallic blue || soft peach || silver.
Third row L-R: fire opal || midnight blue || light green || soft gold.
Bottom row L-R: turquoise || gold || mid blue || mauve.  



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