Beginners Technique – How to decorate the headband with diamante trim.

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1.  Take a 1 metre long piece of wire and wrap around the headband a couple of centimetres from one end to secure. Trim the short end and smooth down the sharp cut end of wire on the outside of the band using pliers.

2.  Hold your diamante trim in place on the outside of the band and secure by wrapping the wire between the diamantes as shown in the picture.

3.  When you reach the other end of the band wrap the wire round about 3 times between your final two diamante stones and carefully cut off the excess diamante trim. Finish by wrapping the wire around the band a few times and trimming and neatening the wire.


Tip: Sharp wires on the inside of the band could scratch the wearer. Always trim the wire carefully on the outside of the band and smooth down with pliers.

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